Our story

How it started

Our Inspiration: The Remarkable Elephant Tree

In the vast landscapes of the South African bush, an extraordinary plant known as the Elephant Tree, or Elephant Bush, thrives. In Afrikaans, it’s affectionately called the “Spekboom.” This remarkable succulent possesses unique qualities that capture the imagination.

Notably, it stands as one of nature’s most proficient carbon dioxide (CO2) capturers and storers. Its exceptional ability aids in shielding our planet from the perils of global warming while significantly reducing pollution levels. What sets the Elephant Tree apart is its adaptability—it remains evergreen and flourishes in diverse environments. This remarkable plant can switch its photosynthetic mechanism, behaving like a lush rainforest inhabitant in wet conditions and a hardy desert cactus in arid ones.

Recognizing that the global investment landscape constantly evolves, we draw inspiration from the versatile Elephant Tree. Just as this plant adjusts to changing surroundings, we believe that an investment company should possess the same adaptive qualities to thrive in ever-shifting financial conditions. Our vision is rooted in providing adaptable financial advice, much like the Spekboom’s ability to cater to its environment, tailored to the unique needs of investors.

Elephant Tree Capital

Our Core Values

At Elephant Tree Capital, our guiding principles shape our identity and set the course for how we operate. These values are the bedrock of our company, and they inform every decision we make, every strategy we implement, and every interaction we have.

These core values define who we are and guide us as we help our clients navigate their financial journeys. They represent our unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and client success.


Just like the remarkable Elephant Tree, we embrace change and adapt to evolving financial landscapes. Our commitment to staying versatile and agile allows us to navigate complex markets and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.


We believe that trust is the foundation of every successful partnership. With unwavering honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, we build trust with our clients and partners, ensuring their financial well-being is our top priority.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. From crafting personalized investment portfolios to providing professional financial advice, we aim for the highest standards of quality and expertise.


Our clients are at the heart of all our efforts. We listen, understand, and prioritize their unique needs, ensuring that every solution we offer is tailored to their goals and aspirations.


The financial world is ever-changing, and we embrace innovation to stay at the forefront. We continuously explore new ideas, technologies, and strategies to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.


Just as the Elephant Tree plays a role in protecting our planet, we are committed to sustainable practices. We advocate for responsible investing and environmental stewardship, reflecting our dedication to the greater good.

Management Team

Derik Prinsloo

Derik obtained an honours degree in financial management as well as a master’s degree with a specialization in investments through the University of Pretoria. In 2021 he was awarded a second master’s degree in Global Finance through Bayes Business School in London. Derik is a member of the South African Institute of Financial Markets (SAIFM) and a qualified stockbroker on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, where he passed his Registered Persons exams. He also fills the role of key individual for the company's category II discretionary FSCA license.

William Abraham

William is a registered Chartered Accountant (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)) and a seasoned finance executive with over 15 years of experience in Corporate Treasury, Financial Risk Management, Fundraising, Financial Accounting including Mergers and Acquisitions. He has worked for international companies including Ernst & Young, KPMG, Rio Tinto, TUI Group, Vodafone and BUPA in places as diverse as Johannesburg, New York and presently based in London.